Photo Prompt: The Woman in Waiting

She waits alone, as she had waited every weekday morning for that familiar sound.

Three Stories by Kona Morris

By Kona Morris
He said he liked to be scientific about it. Stick his finger in and feel around. “What’s that?” “This part is really soft.” “I feel ripples.”

National Flash Fiction Day Story Winners

We're excited to post the winning 100-word stories from National Flash Fiction Day's micro-fiction competition. Beware the bite of a dragonfish. Even the fiercest gorillas can be lonely.

Thicker than Water

By Jean-Luc Bouchard
I took my grandfather out to dinner for his birthday, because it seemed the proper thing to do.

Marriage Two Ways

By Ada Jo Mann
Marriage #1 in white dress and Spanish laced veil with hundreds of my parents friends assembled for the spectacle.

Photo Prompt: An Inherited Condition

By Eric Skinner
Hana shouts in her native Korean, “Foul Pig is waddling in for her manicure.” Venetian Spa on Broadway, far Off Broadway in Ocala, is operated by Hana and three sisters.

Cute Doctor

By Sarah Overland
I may have lost my hair. And I’m getting fat, even though I can’t eat (cruel joke), but I would apply mascara for him (if I had eyelashes).

My Inflatable Girlfriend

By Dan Campbell
Today she’s a hot cheerleader, the next day she’s dressed like a nun. She knows me, she’s a mind reader. Yes, plastic dolls are lots of fun.

That’s Not Love?

By Jon Sindell
It was movie night, and the old Jewish milkman was asking his wife if he she loved him after all those years. With singing, of course.

san francisco

By Kasia Merrill
Riding skateboards in your ex school parking lot, we circle each other and talk about age. Your beer is stale and we miss the youth we were too shy to live.

Six Questions with the Maestro of Six-Word Stories, Larry Sm...

One of the biggest challenges any writer faces is to write it short, as we well know at 100 Word Story. A 100-word story looks like a saga compared to a 6-word story, though. We went to Larry Smith, the founder of the phenomenon known as the Six-Word Memoir Project, to find out how these tiniest of stories became such a big thing.

We Know So Little About Iceland

By Kyle Hemmings
I sat next to a stranger at The Octopus Bar. She had long grey hair, a freakishly young face, a body as lithe as a yoga teacher.