Photo Prompt: Person in a Box

“Mwahaha, I’m a robot!” I yelled, voice muffled through the cardboard.
“Robots don’t say ‘mwahaha,'” he whispered next to me. “They say 'beep-boop.’”

Streets at Night

By Lee L. Krecklow
We took to the streets and to the rooftops high on inhalants and high on each other and high on ourselves.


By Eric Prochaska
The first warm breath mitigates her melancholy. I sustained my young love through another winter.

A Change of Clothes

By Robert Scotellaro
Widows are beautiful, he thought. So covered in need they shimmered. This was his third.


By Jane Ciabattari
She was good at trimming. Fastidious. He paid her $879 in cash. On time.

Lenin at 144

By Ed Severson
Lenin's receiving in his Moscow Mausoleum. He's done quite well death-wise. Countless fans drop by to see him.

Were They So Comely

By Christian Hayden
Cast-iron stove on the sidewalk. Pans in the snow. I’m looking up at our balcony. How’d she get the stove over the railing?

Playing House

By Amy Ash
A girl swallows a matchstick, stifles the slow burn in the hollow of her throat. She wants a home, she says, smoke curling from her tongue.

Photo Prompt: The Woman in Waiting

She waits alone, as she had waited every weekday morning for that familiar sound.

Kona Morris: Written Word Adventures

Who wouldn’t love a writer who references glam rock band Queen in the same breath as Baudelaire? It’s not a surprise, though, coming from Kona Morris.

Three Stories by Kona Morris

By Kona Morris
He said he liked to be scientific about it. Stick his finger in and feel around. “What’s that?” “This part is really soft.” “I feel ripples.”

National Flash Fiction Day Story Winners

We're excited to post the winning 100-word stories from National Flash Fiction Day's micro-fiction competition. Beware the bite of a dragonfish. Even the fiercest gorillas can be lonely.