Photo Story: Together, They Leave the World

By Zac Medema
I raise my phone and press record, immortalizing the ugliness. In moments the whole world will see.

Night Jobbed

By D.G. Lott
Can NOT be here tonight! … Stuck teaching fucking irregular verbs! … My girl playing in the final! … And a captain!!

Under the Piano

By Roberta Beary
The piano’s shawl hides me. Mom comes in and turns on the record player. Famous Opera Arias. Her favorite. The love seat’s plastic squishes when she sits down.

A Brand of Modern Black Women

By Hafsa Musa
Kinky hair coiled into four silky dollops on her head, bantu knots recalling an African diaspora like upraised fists and military berets and black bodies channeling latent prophesies.

Dumped: Four Stories by Molly Giles

By Molly Giles
It was a good divorce. They each took one of the cars and one of the labradoodles; they divided the silver, antiques, and paintings, put the house up for sale, agreed to split the proceeds, and were shaking hands goodbye when they heard a musical tinkle from the garden.

The Wedding Night

By Jayne Martin
Her knee slammed into the night table as she struggled to sit up. Outside, fog horns 
bellowed like beasts in search of their mates...


By Nancy Stohlman
The scissors slide easily through the thick denim of my favorite blue jeans, from ankle to waist, ankle to waist, as one leg then the other falls away.


By Adrienne Pilon
Even in his sleep he talked, keeping her awake throughout the night. During all the dark hours during all his dreams, his face echoed the phrases he formed...

Photo Story: On the Bubble

By Cherie Hunter Day
Light bends at the edges. See how the trees form green parentheses around our childhood. We made gum wrappers into zigzag chains and chased the ice cream truck for Klondike Bars.


By Doug Cornett
Alberto has all but forgotten everything. “Do you remember that time…” he is asked, but the answer is invariably “no.”

A Catholic Church

By Royce Jeffrey
The sign outside proclaimed: -CHURCH PARKING ONLY- God Forgives. Kowalski and Sons Towing does not. Father Timothy would’ve smiled.

Scattered Ends

By Elizabeth Hampton
She was looking for a new age shop in Covent Garden. I told her to go to The Astrology Shop on Dean Street. It had a good reputation.