Photo Story: The Woman in Silhouette

The night scenes had been going on forever, it seemed like. Erik couldn’t get the headlight shot blocked correctly and Lorraine was getting pissed. She was tired of this role.

Chicken Dance

Misty Ellingburg
I went to the exhibit; I met everyone in U of I's indigenous drum group and asked their names and Tribal affiliation, stating mine.

On the Art of Jilting

Ruth Martini
You are unfaithful to the principles of Breathless by Godard he says to you. He is teaching you the Art of Jilting, Introduction to Hipster Courtship.

In Blackest Night

Kevin Sharp
Midnight. Comics & Comix. Pop color superheroes in the dark. You ditched the party, brought her into this sacred space with your sacred employee key.

Talking Funny with Tom Hazuka

Accomplished writer, editor, singer-song writer, and teacher Tom Hazuka is also the man behind the humor collection Flash Fiction Funny. Learn what Hazuka thinks is funny (or not).

Flashing Funny: Three Stories by Tom Hazuka

By Tom Hazuka
Connie huddled near the doorway with the other seven smokers from the office, trying to avoid a slanting downpour, enduring dirty looks from the pure-lunged majority who passed through the cancer cloud they were creating.

Never Nine

Rachel Fogarty-Oleson
Minnow, you are a tiny butter pear, you quicken like a bruise.

PMSing in Standard

Charlotte Houghton
What the fudge cake am I even doing here? Jesus this train stinks. Knew I should have gone first class. But oh no, there's me trying to be frugal down here with the peasants.

a record

Kiik A.K.
Charlie / Outside yr show there was a man who said I’m selling the final ticket / I said I’ll do anything / At which point he said massage these fragrant oils into yr chest /

Part-time Dreamer

By Maggie Bohara
After we fight, I dream I’m milking a cow and the udder tastes like mint chocolate.


By Sarah Angleton
I scan her half of the closet. Her favorite color was blue. She first lost herself in my cornflower eyes, she once said. Today I choose the silky dress with a thousand hydrangea petals.

Divorce Party

By Marc J. Sheehan
Friends gave us towels with “Not His” and “Not Hers” written in glittery epoxy, mismatched wine glasses, and CDs in the wrong jewel cases.