Back to the Water

By Rhonda Houser
Water might save you from drowning. Ceaseless, impassive, water echoes what you know...

Photo Story: From Here to Dallas

By Nicholas Cook
In the beginning the city stopped, now it moved too fast. He was taking that job in California. “I love you this much,” he said, holding his hands out like the length of a textbook.


By Heather Bourbeau
We were born holding hands. The same amniotic sac held us, our shared world safeguarded. Our first trauma was not being born, but the cruelty of doctors...

Mt. Airy Resort, The Poconos, to North Adams, Mass.

By Reeves Keyworth
Jilly, darling, if ever you are tempted into wedlock, I advise you to skip the honeymoon excursion—stay home & take long walks instead! It is ghastly here.

Ice Bucket

By Landon Godfrey
I sing to you of special decades and the gullible among you believe you’ve missed parties given by moonbeams trysts in coat closets with fedoras...


By Jason Peck
A book of names, five months before the birth, and I suggested Abigail for the baby. A full name, three soft syllables; a Hebrew word, meaning “my father rejoices.”

Photo Story: The Four Horsemen

By Dan Slaten
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, like all popular quartets throughout recorded history, eventually turned into three.

One of Those Things

By Jackie Davis Martin
She remembered the nearby precipice, the brambles needling through the red plaid blanket...

An Artisan, a World on Fire

By Matthew Olzmann
Have you heard the expression, “going to hell in a handbasket”? Well, the man who makes those handbaskets is sad that they’re only used for this purpose.


By Roderick L Picott
Nola sat ripening, Gulf waters spitting foam at her feet — sunglasses, lotion, rum and coke, and a circus tent towel — the whole bit.

That Time You Went to the Store and Never Returned

By Cathy Ulrich
It has always been inevitable that you would leave, tonight, for the grocery store, and never come back. There has never been any other choice but for you to go, and for me to let you.

The Necessary Paternal Directions

By Geoff Bouvier
School let out, and we headed down for swimming at the spring. But my friends got held up dreading turtles.