By Sarah Freligh
She asked me once what’s it like not to dream and I said: Nothing. Imagine nothing, the vast black of it. Like climbing into a mineshaft, the way my dad did every day until the earth opened up and swallowed him and a dozen other men.

Photo Story: Throwing Stones

By Connor Walsh
The dark flees from the beams of light like a thousand timid spiders to the surviving shadows. Cursing and wielding a fifth of his sense, Benjamin stumbles out of his father’s running station wagon and kisses the crumbling courtyard, bloodying his lip.

What I Am Not Saying

By Emma Bogdonoff
Once you knew a boy and you loved him though you never said. Through so many years, you never said. It made you irreplaceable; who else could say so much with so few words?

Party Dress

By Allie Marini Batts
A vintage cocktail dress. Mint-green fabric—chiffon, maybe? Charmeuse? I wrecked it skinning my knee. That night, my blood was pink as Boone’s Strawberry Hill.

Apartment Key

By Carly Anderson
It was Sunday in October—the day he arrived at the hardware store and asked to have it cut, the day he fingered its nickel plated edges before placing it in her palm...

Darkness, Oklahoma City, 1996

By Brian Castleberry
To have something to do they drove around the city after nightfall listening to music. Beastie Boys. Digable Planets. Some fuzzy mixed tape a DJ sold before leaving for St. Louis.

Where the Stars Fall Together

By James Braziel
They make a pool of silver, swim as stones through the pine branches, push back needles like a dog’s fur shaking off the bathwater and carry what is left of the sky as bones hitched together into a stream.

Photo Story: Flames

By Connor Walsh
The flame framed Henry's adolescent features against an impending darkness. A fiery period endured there, ending a childhood.


By Gina L. Grandi
You say, I’ll take care of it, because packing together would hurt too much. He stacks his things: clothes, books, photos. Hire someone, he says. I’ll pay.

Three Flash Metafictions

By Pamela Painter
They want to know why some characters get long stories while they get Micro, Sudden, Flash. Why some characters get cities or towns, streets, homes with dog houses and dogs that howl in the night.

Dinty W. Moore: Writing Essays with Brevity

Dinty Moore discusses how his many professions formed him as an author, the role of "divine dissatisfaction" in art, and what's creative about creative nonfiction.

Danny Boy

By Dinty W. Moore
My father was known throughout our neighborhood for his honey-rich tenor, his mastery of Irish-American songs, and Sinatra standards.