Photo Story: ‘Ze Crab’

Isabella David McCaffrey
I wonder how Papa felt that first night in America, realizing he could never return to France. Leaving the hostel in Times Square to look up at the sky, comforted by constellations the same over Allençon or Paris ...

Note to a Ghost

By Peg Alford Pursell
After you died I wandered the nearby field. Twilight. Your cat ran up to me with a bird’s heart in its mouth.

Useless Things

By Ariel Berry
Forgetting the uses for things was, in a way, a relief. It was less painful, for instance, when her grandmother’s teacups shattered on the tile floor.

Photo Story: Twenty-seven Winters

By Karen Sherk Chio
The first year here, when the trees soured from green into drought-yellow and dropped their leaves, their twiny bodies like the kindling I collected as a child, I said, “Everything has died.”


By Andrew O. Dugas
She slid the iPad across the counter so fast he had to catch it. "What's the matter?" An all-too-familiar Facebook profile glowed up.

Photo Story: Airport Shuttle

By Clara Ray Rusinek Klein
I was a biologist at the national university, Farhan says, turn signal ticking as he merges onto the highway. A PhD researcher. He floors the accelerator.

How She Came and Went

By Robert Gregory
I have a wing on one side only, she told me one time. Nakedness is not the same as clarity, she said. Here, I’ll show you

DaVinci’s Drummer

By Ryan Griffith
We endeavored to find the code, the holy handshake, the secret cursives of the air, that number God scrawled on the inside of our eyelids that we must close our eyes to see.

‘Writerly Redemption’ Paved with 100-Word Stories

Meet Jane McDermott, author of "Look Busy: One hundred 100-word stories by and for the easily distracted," published by Fourteen Hills Press. McDermott’s work runs the range of styles and moods, from the darkly comic to the unabashedly romantic.

Three Stories by Jane McDermott

In the crazy yoga class it is fifteen hundred degrees and everyone acts like nothing’s going on. Everyone moves through yoga postures glistening like they’ve been dipped in Vaseline...

Photo Story: Bottling

By Melissa Jacob
I didn’t know her when she whispered in my ear, all persuasion and mesmeric. Dive into the bottle and win baby, win. In a few short hours we’ll be dancing through traffic.

200 Cameras

By Shoshauna Shy
Tomorrow is my wedding to a man who knows how to make me laugh. Although this groom-to-be texts from Houston – forgot setting alarm missed flight – no explanation, no remedy. No regrets.