By Fortunato Salazar
Some days they bicker. Some days they make turkey sandwiches. A black trash can corkscrews through the air, level with a second-floor balcony. It’s one of those days.

Photo Story: Listen

By Jenn O'Connor
He learned to sign so that he could communicate with her, so that they could share speech without speaking.

I Was Furniture

By James McCready
I can’t recall much from my childhood. For all I know, I was a piece of furniture—an inanimate object. A cactus in its pot.

What Might Not Happen

By Nicholas A. White
Blood-red eyes, a forearm against the light, meetings and deadlines to attend. Mouths to feed, cars to buy, doctors to pay. And politics.


By Ashley N. Roth
We’ll move to the suburbs. We’ll have separate rooms. He'll stumble into his room late at night, masturbating into a torn Pantera shirt.

Property Line

By Susan Roney-O'Brien
The ones who used to own Joan’s house kept a toehold just in case, and the son who built there has a bruised-up wife who never looks me in the eye.


By M.J. Iuppa
What I heard over the thrum of washing machines and dryers was complaint. She says to no one, he loved anchovies more than her...

Beer Pong at Tiffany’s

By Misty Ellingburg
Last night, a girl asked about my name—why it's Misty; are my parents hippies? I said no, they're Native American.


By Jackie Davis Martin
It was the summer California was drying up and burning down and we all talked about sparing water and sparing air. Lawns turned to hay and cars remained grit-coated.


By Ruth Corkill
When there is no wind I imagine that I am at Lake Bled with Pasha. The water is so flat and still. Pasha stands naked apart from his water wings.

Touch Me

By Kim Chinquee
These days, I sleep lopsided in the bed, made up with my Egyptian cotton sheets that I bought with my guy from Target. For a long time I had no one but my son and men in short installments.

Kim Chinquee: Flash as Little Gems

Kim Chinquee has lived all over and done many things, from farming as a child to a career as a military medical technologist. Then she took one creative writing class and a new course was set.