Photo Story: We’re Not ...

By Francis J. Trautman
When I attempted to sneak back home near dawn, she was there on the porch in her orange wig, red nose, and white pancake makeup. She pointed at an invisible watch on her wrist and then drew the finger across her throat.

The Crayfish Seller

By Richard Berry
A woman walks past my stall every afternoon in this spot at 4:15. Never 4:10 and never 4:20.


By Meg Pokrass
Mr. Anderson and I understand each other. One thing we agree on: his wife is wonderful. "She kicks me out of bed these days," he says.

A Clean Sweep

By Donald Ranard
She was bending over the dining room table taking a close-up of a vase. The table was covered with vases and bowls.“What’s going on?” he said.

Why I Got Written Up by...

By Kathryn Kulpa
Smother me in redneck kisses. Pour that smoky Bar-B-Q down my neck and lick it off, no rush.

Of spiderwebs and broom...

By Sandra Arnold
I took down the get-well cards on my daughter’s wallboard. A scrap of paper under a silver horseshoe with a date in her handwriting.

The Devil’s in the Deta...

By Pamela Painter
A priest and a rabbi come out of a bar. No one saw them go in. No one saw where they sat, what they were drinking or what they said to each other.

Photo Story: Rain City

By Lucie Bernheim
Ben gets up to wash the dishes. I down the glass of wine I was drinking and pour myself another. My arm cast almost knocks the bottle over, but he saves it.

15 Days Till Day Care

By Roberta Beary
We arrive at 7 a.m., starving. Their note says, "Help Yourself." We finish an open bag of pistachios. Baby wakes, crying while frozen breast milk thaws.

Vertical Travel

By Ron Nyren
The summer of no breeze, six men carried an enormous fan up the stairs of my grandmother’s four-story townhouse and installed it in the roof.


By Cheryl Pappas
Her body, infinitesimal, wends and winds blind in the dampening soil. Her body, black and lustrous yellow after black and lustrous yellow, arches and creeps down again...

A State of Great Fullne...

By Ciera Burch
When she was little, she thought being full meant being filled, head to toe, with food.