Photo Story: Life in Movies

We liked to mash up the entire box of Junior Mints into one big ball. Make it into the Death Star and eat it like Jedi Knights. We tied Red Vines together till we could climb out of our lives and into the white light of heaven. Our shoes stuck to the floor like fly paper; the buzz of people waiting for the lights to dim. Would hide in the bathroom so we could watch again. Stale scent of history burned at the edges of our existence. Memory of car chases and falling in love. We always wanted a refill.


Richard Edenfield worked at a rare bookstore for many years in San Francisco where he was able to study original manuscripts. Now, he lives in New York State.

Photo credit: Kenneth Lu

4 Responses to “Photo Story: Life in Movies”

  1. Bill says:

    Captures a moment of memory that many of us of a certain age cherish.

  2. Susan says:

    Great! Brings back memories and uses the form to great advantage. One that makes me say “prose poem”! instead of short story! (That is the essential question, right?)

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  4. Tony Press says:

    Nice — very nice! — from beginning to end, and with a perfect final sentence.

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