Photo Story: Mermaids

By Andrea Daniels
Peanut smoked every bit of meth that night in the hotel. Her sister loaned her money. Not exactly. A check for rehab, far from drugs and close to trees.

Book Review: Anthropology’s 101 True Love Stories

By Andrea Daniels
If this is a cultural study of a tribe, it’s a tribe with one cuckolded male and 101 beautiful women, virtually all of whom treat his heart with the sentimentality of an ashtray.

Brother Danger, Where Did You Go?

By Andrea Daniels
"More fish?" My brother Stu's perpetually golden wife tipped the plate in my direction. A mouthful of asparagus spared me from again explaining my vegetarian "lifestyle."

Photo Prompt: The Things Left Behind

By Andrea Daniels
Milo was worried about his bean plant. His mother packed him and his sister into the car last night. After a few hours she turned off the highway.

Photo Prompt: Bicycle Man

This odd man riding his bicycle in a dash of a blur (or a blur of a dash) captured several people's imagination in different ways, so we decided to publish a selection of stories.

Photo Prompt: Cook

Three twenties, soft as toilet paper, folded in his pocket. One left over from the poker game, two filched from Gina’s purse in an early morning fishing expedition. He had gotten lucky. Often there was only the baby’s soother, a nub of eyeliner and a mittful of change. Dom willed his...