Image of light reflected on elevator doors.Our existence defies the odds, our parents’ second set of identical twins—a one in 70,000 chance. Even more improbable that they married at all: his balding head, shabby overalls, shoes mended by duct tape. She applies her make-up and curls her hair daily; she stoops to fluff up the carpet where he has laid and flattened it. An unlikely match. An improbability. Even more improbable that they met at all: a poor farmer makes his way to the twenty-third floor of a stock brokerage firm, hoping for a job; a young woman enters the elevator, presses the twenty-third button.


Natalie Coufal is a nonfiction and fiction writer from rural Central Texas. She is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing, Editing, and Publishing at Sam Houston State University.

Photo Credit: Daniel Parks

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  1. Tony Press says:

    Nice! Fun, too.

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