Monster Neck

When I was young I never thought about my neck. It was smooth and supple like the rest of me. Now my neck is a monster. A saggy, craggy, battle damaged monster. If I pinch the skin on my neck, it stays pinched, like silly putty.

Recently I was in Target shopping for shirts. I tried one on and looked in the mirror. The image reflected back was terrifying. A dark throat cavern nestled between two angry tendons. Something you might see in a horror movie close-up. The throat of an old man who should not
have answered the door.

John Meyers’s stories have appeared most recently in SmokeLong Quarterly, Threadcount Magazine, Cease, Cows, The Louisville Review, and Lunch Ticket. John is online at @hammeredinmetal.

Photo Credit: Neil Moralee

2 Responses to “Monster Neck”

  1. Eliza Mimski says:

    I can relate!

  2. Sandra Brown says:

    Ouch. This one cut a little to close too home!

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